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Selecting the right candidate is one of the most important parts of the Shift Leader journey.  

The best candidate for Shift Leadership should meet all of the following criteria: 


However, there is much more to being a great leader than just having some experience and open availability.  Step 2 will help you to ensure that your candidate is ready to develop into their new role.   Before moving on to step 2,  it is important to get your Supervisor's approval to move forward with your candidate.   Without Supervisor approval, your candidate will not be able to proceed.       

Next, it's time to have the Readiness Conversation.    Use the tools below to interview and assess your Shift Leader candidate to determine whether they are ready to take on this new role or if there are training opportunities that need to be corrected before moving forward.  

Once you have completed these steps, it is time to submit your promotion request to our office!  From there, we will send your candidate a Shift Leader Commitment Letter.    This letter must be signed and returned to our office as soon as possible so they can begin the next step in the process - the developmental journey! 

After the candidate signs and returns their commitment letter, our People Team will initiate the process of beginning their developmental journey to Certified Shift Leader.     The People Team will register the manager for their Shift Leader Orientation and provide them with their Manager Guidebook to help guide the process.   After attending their mandatory orientation session, the People Team will change their job code to Shift Manager Trainee and enter their pay rate increase on payroll to align with the company's pay scale.   In the event that the employee is already above the pay scale minimum, someone from the People Team will contact you (the GM) to confirm the correct increase.   Then, the Shift Leader should begin working with your restaurant's designated Shift Leader Coach to begin their training.   This training plan is outlined in the Trainee's binder and must be adhered to.    Please note:  failure to complete at least the first module of the Shift Leadership Foundations training within two weeks (14 days) of the Shift Leader's Orientation will result in a violation of People Brand Standards and can place the restaurant into CURE.  

Your diligence in ensuring that this plan is adhered to is of the utmost importance.  

Throughout this development plan, there will be times that you, the GM, will assume the role of the Coach to work with your trainee.   Please familiarize yourself with this development plan to ensure that you are scheduling adequate time to support their development.   The final steps to the development plan will be for the learner to attend Leadership Transitions Class.  

After successfully attending class, the learner's journey transitions to Step 4.

Check out sample copies here:

Learning Channel-5.png

After your Shift Leader Trainee completes LTC, they will be assigned a PCAP (Post-Class Action Plan)!  To help guide them in this process, they will be automatically registered for a virtual PCAP Session two weeks after completing LTC.      After successfully attending this session and completing their PCAP, the Shift Leader Coach should conduct their Shift Leader Verification.    If the new Shift Leader successfully completes this verification, they are officially a Certified Swing Manager!    

Our People Team will adjust the Shift Leader's Job Code and pay rate upon receipt of a completed PCAP and verification form.

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