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Mueller Family McDonald's is proud to offer a partnership with Lackawanna College to provide our employees with free tuition.   

Please read through this page for all important details to take advantage of this amazing benefit. It is extremely important to read through carefully.

 If any portion of the scholarship terms are not met, you could become ineligible for the partnership and be responsible for your tuition bill. 


To become eligible, employees must work for Mueller Family McDonald's restaurants for a minimum of 90 days before the semester begins at a minimum of 16 hours per week.  Employees must sign an agreement before utilizing this benefit.   Once the agreement is in place, Lackawanna will defer the tuition balance.  Students will see this balance on their account until the end of the semester.  If, at this time, they are still eligible for the scholarship, Lackawanna will send the bill to Mueller Family McDonald's for payment.    If at any point in the semester, or in the 90 days following the semester, the employee becomes ineligible, they will be responsible for their tuition payment.

Employees must complete ALL steps of the process  described in the agreement to remain eligible.

Terms & Details


Most degree-seeking programs are eligible for the partnership. 

Participating degree programs are set by Lackawanna College.

Please review the slides posted and reach out to your advisor directly with any questions regarding academics.

Program Eligibiity


Important Info

The cost of the tuition will remain on your account balance throughout the end of the semester.  You will not be penalized for this balance.   At the end of the semester, if you are still eligible for the scholarship, Lackawanna will send the tuition bill to Mueller Family McDonald's for payment.   In the past, some students experienced an issue with registering for or accessing classes because of the balance on their account. This is a glitch within Lackawanna's system.  Please contact Jeff Gregory (email linked below) for assistance if you find yourself in this situation.  


Please reach out to Taylor Noldy (McDonald's) or Jeff Gregory (Lackawanna) with any questions after reviewing the information available on this page.

Application Process
Apply to Lackawanna
Sign Agreement
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