Each year, Mueller Family McDonald's awards 38 employees with tuition assistance through the McDonald's Archways to Opportunity program. 

The application process is as follows:
1. Employee applies through internal application available here from June 1 - June 30.   
2. On July 1, recipients are announced via NEXT app message and email, if provided by employee. 
3. Selected employees must complete secondary portion of Archways application no later than November 30th of the year awarded.  
4. Once employees complete the application, it is sent to our office for approval.
5. After application is approved, EdAssist will provide the student with a letter of credit. This letter must be printed, signed, and forwarded to the school's financial aid office. 
6. The school and EdAssist communicate together to send the tuition assistance to the student's account. 

Important Notes:
- Employees must complete the internal application to be eligible.  If application is not completed or not completed by the deadline, the employee will NOT be eligible for the tuition assistance.  
- Crew are eligible for $2500. Managers are eligible for $3000.
- Tuition Assistance is only awarded once per year. 
- Employees who do not complete the secondary portion of the application by the November 30th deadline forfeit their 
tuition assistance award. 
- Lackawanna College Students that are participating in the partnership do NOT need to complete the internal application as they are automatically eligible for Archways when they sign the agreement for Lackawanna.  They simply need to complete the secondary application portion.
-Employees must work for 90 days before being eligible for the tuition assistance at a minimum of 16 hours per week.