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Kitchen DM Monthly assignments

Check here for what to work on between meetings. Make sure you submit anything like health checks, CFVs, pictures, training completions, etc to the submissions portal. You can find it here, or linked on the main kitchen page. 

May 27, 2024 Assignment 1. Complete Kitchen Manager Path DM Modules in Fred and Campus by June 6. Submit a screenshot or PDF of the completed learnings from the Campus Plan page on the Mueller website Kitchen page by June 6, end of day 2. Complete a CFV on your restaurant AND the next closest restaurant during a shift you don’t normally work (without telling anyone). Order the same items from both restaurants. Submit a picture of both items and a summary of which restaurant you think served better quality food and why to the kitchen site on before our next meeting. 3. Increase your Quality Score on the customer voice surveys to at least 75% by our next meeting. Submit a month to date Quality score from the Voice Portal to the Kitchen page.
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